Coast to Coast with Venture

Socially Distanced

Coast to Coast at half price!

A traditional supported package using B&Bs, packed lunch, evening meal, baggage transfer etc. costs around £1500pp.

Venture is a different package. £700, £600 for under 18s. Less frills, more supportive and a lot cheaper. It includes:

Use of quality tents and camping equipment – chairs, stoves, fuel.

Transportation each day of all camping equipment, food and baggage.

Lunchtime meet up for lunch, brew, re-supply snacks, top up water etc. where possible.

Use of GPS trackers as a back up safety feature.

Accommodation including tents and self catering hostels. You may prefer to put up your own tent.

Group size of between 6 and 16 like minded people with a “Venture” staff member who shadows the expedition and is on hand if needed. You can walk individually, with your household or in company.

Chores done for you. Top up shopping or laundry etc. as you walk.


If you are interested, please get in touch via