Coast to Coast with Venture

Socially Distanced

Coast to Coast at half price!

A traditional supported package using B&Bs, packed lunch, evening meal, baggage transfer etc. costs around £1500pp.

Venture is a different package. £700, £600 for under 18s. Less frills, more supportive and a lot cheaper. It includes:

Use of quality tents and camping equipment – chairs, stoves, fuel.

Transportation each day of all camping equipment, food and baggage.

Lunchtime meet up for lunch, brew, re-supply snacks, top up water etc. where possible.

Use of GPS trackers as a back up safety feature.

Accommodation including tents and self catering hostels. You may prefer to put up your own tent.

Group size of between 6 and 16 like minded people with a “Venture” staff member who shadows the expedition and is on hand if needed. You can walk individually, with your household or in company – 2m apart!

Chores done for you. Top up shopping or laundry etc. as you walk.

Start dates in July  and August 2020.

If you are interested, please get in touch via