Hear what some of our participants have to say about their experience with Mid Yorks Expeditions:


The Mid Yorks Expeditions team were very funny, down to earth and encouraging: they always made me laugh.  Doing the Bronze award has really encouraged me to carry on and complete my Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh

– Ruby, Bronze Award


Doing Duke of Edinburgh was a chance to spend time with the people in my group – we became much closer friends during the expedition!

– Kayleigh, Bronze Award


Doing the York Open Award has been really good – the groups are put together very well, and we’ve all got on. Everyone is very dedicated and wants to put the effort in. 

– Theo and Peter,  Gold Award


I didn’t know anyone in my York Open group before I started, but we’re best friends now. It’s really nice meeting people outside of school.

– Immy, Annika and Annie, Gold Award


The Mid Yorks Expeditions team have been great. They’re very relaxed, and they give you your independence, but they’re always there if something goes wrong.

– Jenny and Emily, Gold Award